The Steamledge Workplace Performance Program

“We create value for organizations by Building Human Capital for workplace performance”

Steamledge Workplace Performance Program

Steamledge provides Capacity Building on Leadership, Team Dynamics, Intercultural Training and Talent Development to accelerate performance in the workplace.

Depending on the goals of your project, our Team may:

Design and deliver tailor-made programs to our diverse audience and clients within Nigeria and across borders. Our programs provide support to participants to better recognize, develop, harness and manage the potential of diverse individuals and (virtual) teams.

How we work:

  • Coach only on subject matter we know inside and out
  • Create a coaching plan with a focus on results
  • Use practical strategies linked to performance goals
  • Listen deeply to discern root causes of personal barriers
  • Tap into client’s inherent wisdom
  • Capitalize and build on strengths
  • Use Strengths Finder, DiSC Inventory, MBTI, and Catalyst-developed tools
  • Measure outcomes to ensure the plan continues to engender success

Our Team:

Our dedicated and experienced team help individuals, teams and organizations to identify and develop the competences and skills which are crucial to success in their complex multicultural/international business environment.

Our Clients:

Our clients include corporates in diverse branches, government organizations, as well as schools and non-profit organizations.

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Our Specialized Programs

Force Development and Empowerment Unit (FDEU)

Key Benefits of our trainings:

  • Built on proven research and experience
  • Effective and dynamic workshops
  • Flexible–Choose one or multiple relevant topics
  • Trainer support and service available

Single-topic kits for your internal development:

  • Direction, Alignment, Commitment
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Boundary Spanning Leadership
  • Stress and Time Management
  • Leading People through Change
  • Step Up to Conflict Learning Agility: Under The Lessons of Experience
  • Influence: The Business of Getting Things Done
  • Developing assertiveness
  • Managing and leading people through change
  • Creating Accountability