The Steamledge Management System

“At Steamledge, we provide expertise to help make sure your LMS becomes an integral, successful business system that creates high engagement and demonstrably improves your performance”

Steamledge Learning Management System

The Steamledge Learning Management System is a learning platform that deliver a great user experience, while incorporating all the essential tools organizations and schools need to support efficient teaching and learning in Nigeria.

How we support our Clients:

We help our clients and partners build human capital and skillsets across boundaries using our simple and effective learning management system (LMS).

Our team provides Management of e-learning activities such as delivering training, tracking employee performance, and selling online courses at a large scale.

Our Deliverables

  • Customizations to match your challenges
  • Advanced features and add-ons
  • A fully themed, branded learning space
  • Integration with your existing systems
  • Consultation, support and training throughout your LMS implementation and development
  • LMS Hosting and Support