The Steamblockly project is an open source program and an offline visual and block oriented way of learning different programming languages. It was developed and created as an easy to use platform for young minds and beginners in Nigeria to learn basic concepts of programming and essential skills for future career and workplace. The blocks were created using the Google’s Blockly Developers environment

SteamBlockly for Python

Steamblockly for Python is block oriented way of learning python programming. It uses Blockly to create a visual programming editor for python programming language. The platform promises to make python programming easier and more understandable through the drag and drop process especially for students in Primary and Secondary School.
The aim of Steamblockly for Python project is to make accessible an easy to use platform for students to learn Python programming

SteamBlockly for Web Design

This is a platform of blocks containing some of the major HTML/CSS tags used in designing a web page or an entire website while aiding kids between the ages of (8-16) in learning how to design a web page or a websites and as well how to use the tags in Hypertext mark-up language (HTML). Its main aims is to:

  • Design an easy to use platform for students to learn the Basics of Web design
  • Develop syntactically correct HTML codes using blocks.
  • Implement the blocks leveraging Google’s Blockly